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We provide a range of services related to the design, construction, and maintenance of concrete swimming pools. These services may include:

Design and Consultation

We will work with customers to design a custom swimming pool that meets their specific needs and preferences. This may include creating detailed plans, providing 3D renderings, and discussing materials, features, and other options.


Once the design is finalised and Council have issued the consent, we will begin construction of the pool. This process includes excavation, boxing, steel reinforcement and the placement of concrete.


We offer a variety of finishes for the interior of the pool such as tile, plaster, pebble, and other materials.

Equipment and Automation

We also offer equipment and automation options to help customers control and maintain their pool. This may include pumps, filters, heaters, lighting, and automation systems.

Maintenance and Repair

We offer regular maintenance and repair services to help customers keep their pools in good working order. This may include cleaning, chemicals, and equipment repairs.

Renovation and Remodeling

We also offer renovation and remodeling services to help customers update their existing pools.

Safety and Compliance

We ensure that the pools are built according to local building codes and safety standards.

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Inground Pools

Above Ground Pools

Pool Renovation

Custom Pools

Inground Pools

Pool Renovation

Above Ground Pools

Custom Pools

Our Process

Steps in putting in a concrete pool

Installing a concrete pool requires a significant amount of planning, preparation, and construction expertise.
Here are the general steps involved in putting in a concrete pool:


Site Preparation

This includes leveling and grading the area where the pool will be built, as well as installing any necessary drainage systems.



The excavation process involves digging out the hole for the pool. This hole must be deep and wide enough to accommodate the pool's size and shape.


Steel Reinforcement

Rebar or steel mesh is added to the excavation to provide structural support for the concrete.


Plumbing & Electrical

The plumbing and electrical work is done before the concrete is poured. This includes installing the pool's filtration system, pump, heater, and any other necessary equipment.



Forms are built around the excavation to shape the pool and hold the wet concrete in place.


Pouring and Finishing

Once the forms are in place, the concrete is poured and smoothed to create the pool's walls and floor. Additional steps such as troweling, and adding any finish like tile or plaster.



The concrete must be allowed to cure for several days before any additional steps can be taken.


Decking and Coping

Once the concrete has cured, the pool deck and coping (the edge around the pool) can be installed.


Equipment Installation

The pool equipment, such as the pump and filter, are installed and connected.


Final Inspection & Pool Start-up

Before the pool can be filled with water, it must pass a final inspection. Once the pool has passed inspection, it can be filled with water and the start-up process can begin, including balancing the chemical and adding any necessary equipment such as lights, heaters, and cleaners.